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Anothony F. CersosimoCreated and guided by the business acumen and wisdom of Anthony F. Cersosimo the Cersosimo companies have always attempted to remember that we are here for the long run.

Tony taught us that a good business deal was good for both the Buyer and the Seller. Competition was acceptable because the business world is a big table and we can all partake. He taught us to consider that just maybe the other fellow was a little smarter then we were and accordingly deserved our respect.

Tony believed in the acquisition of real property as a wealth building tool. He respected and loved the land and what it had done for him and his company. He was always proud and very happy when someone who acquired a Cersosimo property did well with it. (Hence our many repeat customers.)

Above all Tony’s word was his bond. He often reminded us that our reputation was the only thing that we can truly lose. Accordingly, no matter how sometimes economically painful, Cersosimo prides itself on keeping its word. Not only because it is ethically right but also because from a business point of view it is the smartest approach in the long run.

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